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Spring Lawn Cleanup


We have much work to begin to get prepared for.  Spring will be here before we know it.  These are a few things that will need to be done late March and into April.  Are you ready?

Lawn Work:

· Remove debris from lawns by light raking.

· Seed or sod new lawns and re-seed bare spots.  Mow when grass reaches 3 inches high.

· On established lawns,  apply  weed controls.

· Prevent crabgrass before it sprouts.  Apply a fertilizer with pre-emergent crabgrass controls that will eliminate weeds and provide a healthy lawn.

· Check for grubs early in the season and treat  only if necessary. Grub infested lawns will attract moles,  raccoons, birds and any other wildlife. That will tear up your lawn in search for these insects to feed on.

Gardens and Beds:

 · Remove winter mulch.

· Enrich soil with compost and manure.

· When bulbs start to grow, remove mulch to warm up the soil and lightly fertilize.

· Perennials should be fertilized in the spring and at least once again during the summer.

· See tips on soil , mulch and annuals on back.



· As weather conditions moderate, remove winter protection from roses, fertilize and prune now.

· Prune spring flowering shrubs, such as forsyhthias, lilacs and crabapples, after they finish blooming.

· Prune summer flowering shrubs like Rose of Sharon and Hydrangea in early spring.

 Quote of the Month:

Bread feeds the body, but flowers feed the soul.