Lawn Care

Protecting, Nurturing and Beautifying Landscapes in the Hamptons Since 1980

We are experts in lawn care and maintenance. Southampton property owners can enjoy a luscious green lawn that will enhance the look of their property. Our maintenance specialists at Natures Guardian have the skill and knowledge to achieve this and give you a beautifully maintained property. We offer complete full service lawn care and maintenance programs to fit the needs of your property.

Our Lawn Care Services include:

  • Mowing, Weeding and Edging
    Let us help save you the time and hassle of mowing your lawn and weeding you landscape every week. Edging maintains a sharp crisp edge on curbs, driveways and walkways. We offer customized lawn care options for your lawn’s maintenance.
  • Fertilizing
    Lawns require fertilizer to maintain health and prevent disease. Fertilizers provide your lawn with the nutrients needed to produce strong roots and grass that resists weeds, disease and insects. We offer a full service traditional and organic  fertilization programs to keep your landscape healthy, green and weed free.
  • Lawn Dethatching
    Over time, little bits and pieces of grass die and gather just above the soil. This is called thatch. A little bit of thatch can be beneficial. But sometimes, thatch builds up too fast for natural processes to break it down. It forms a barrier, keeping moisture and air from going where your grass needs it. We offer professional dethatching  services to renovate your lawn.
  • Rototilling
    Rototilling prepares soil for planting by loosening the soil, allowing you to mix in amendments like compost and peat to enrich the soil and let roots grow more freely. A rototiller is particularly helpful in breaking up dense clay soil.
  • Weed control
    Controlling weeds allows healthy grass to grow. Weed control programs may involve both preemergent and postemergent applications to prevent spring weed emergence and in the summer to control pervasive weeds.
  • Aerating
    An aerator pulls plugs out of your soil. This helps loosen compacted soil and allows air and water to reach the roots and increases tolerance for heat and cold.
  • Insect and Disease Control
    The last thing you want is to have an infestation of insects damaging or killing your plants or lawn at your property. We offer a full range of preventive pest management to keep your lawn healthy and beautiful.
  • Sod or Seeding
    Seeding and sod installation are both excellent ways to establish a lawn for new home or areas that have recently been graded for lawn renovation.  Nature’s Guardian offers several seeding and sod options, applied or installed by our experts. We’re happy to help you determine whether seeding or sodding would be the right choice for your specific needs.


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