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How to make a gelatin bird feeder

How to make cookie cutter gelatin bird feeders:

To make the birdfeeders, plan on a packet of gelatin (powder) to a cup of bird seed. So if you’re making two cups (500ml) bird seed, add two packets of gelatin and so on.

Prepare the gelatin to the manufacturer’s directions, but only add 1 cup of water to one packet of gelatin (250ml water). (Or double if you’re making double) It needs to be thicker than jelly to hold it all together. Once the gelatin has melted, leave it to cool for a couple of minutes, then add in the bird seed. It mustn’t be runny and since your seed may differ to mine, just add more if it’s too wet and liquid.

Stir in well till all the seed is coated, then scoop into your waiting shapes.

We scoop half the amount needed to fill the shape, then add a length of string, before adding in the rest of the seed, so that the string is in the center when you pull the shape out of the cutter. Press down firmly to compact everything as much as possible, before setting aside overnight to dry.

Don’t leave in the sun or it may melt again.

Carefully remove from the cutter and hang somewhere to enjoy.

Google ‘garden birds’ in your local area and see if you can find a checklist of what birds you should be able to find in your area. Keep an eye on your bird feeder and see how many local birds you can spot in your garden.