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Mosquito Control

Summer conditions often create ideal conditions for increased mosquito activity. Flooding rains create breeding grounds for mosquitoes, and then the hot summer temperatures provide the perfect hatching environments.

With a rise in rain, there is an increase in mosquitoes. Mosquitoes love moisture and humidity and can often seem even more aggressive after rainfall.


Mosquitos lay their eggs in water, so those heavy rainstorms that leave behind puddles and standing water foster mosquito larva.


Mosquitoes thrive in wet, hot climates. Hot weather actually shortens the incubation time of mosquito eggs. This means more mosquitoes are being bred, and then those mosquitoes breed more in turn. In addition, warm weather also makes mosquitoes more likely to bite.


To remove mosquito breeding areas outside your home, check for containers that may have been filled by rain or sprinkler systems. Remove or discard containers that you don’t want. Empty and scrub items that you wish to keep, such as bird baths. Scrubbing them removes eggs laid on the side of the container.

Areas where water can collect:

  • Old tires
  • Tarps and buckets
  • Unused plastic swimming pools & toys
  • Bases of flowerpots
  • Bird baths
  • Watering cans
  • Pet dishes
  • Clogged rain gutters
  • Standing water on flat roofs
  • Around faucets and air conditioning units
  • Boats and cargo trailers

Mosquitoes bite during the day and night, and can be active from spring until late fall. Preventive measures should be used whenever mosquito bites are likely.

At Nature’s Guardian Inc., we take an integrated approach in evaluating your property to identify hotspots to provide effective control.  Our broad-based knowledge and experience in controlling insects and diseases is built from 40 years of service in the industry providing the foundation necessary to create a program of control that best serves you and your property.

We are Professional Certified Applicators of LI and a NYS DEC Pesticide Applicator.