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March Gardening To-Do-List

This is the time of year when we yearn for spring and the promise of a new gardening season! There are still a number of tasks on our Long Island March gardening to do list as we prepare for the upcoming season.


Assess areas which need plants.

Finish your seed list.

Chores and Maintenance:

Check on plant protection; add mulch and adjust plant stakes as necessary.

Inspect ornamental trees and shrubs for damage.

Be careful with the use of salt to melt snow as it is toxic to most plants

Keep birds happy and fill feeders. 

Pruning/ Fertilizing:

Continue to prune away damaged branches promptly.

Prune summer and fall-blooming shrubs.


Take cuttings of indoor plants now to use as for planting in late

Sow seeds of annuals which require a long growing season.


Mist houseplants often to provide humidity.

Move indoor plants away from windows on very cold nights.

Clean leaves of large and smooth-leaved houseplants.

Inspect houseplants for insect pests. Remove insects by hand and spray with insecticidal soap as necessary