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Caring for Plants and Trees

We pride ourselves in the ability to deliver exceptional landscapes, provide a high level of customer service and respond to any challenge that may arise. Our plant healthcare department is no exception. Our plant health care services includes plant fertilization and plant insect and disease control. Our programs are designed to provide professional management of complete healthcare programs for turf, ornamental trees and shrubs and flowers. Our technicians are professionally trained and certified to identify and treat any problems that may occur.

Our Plant Fertilization and care services include:

  • Deep Root Liquid Fertilization
    Deep root fertilization is a process where a high quality nutrient solution is injected into the root zone of trees and shrubs.  This process delivers nutrients and builds the health of trees and shrubs therefore helping them to resist disease.
  • Root Stimulant Treatments
    Root stimulant treatments can be provided for health and vitality of new plantings and transplants. This treatment is especially helpful in properties with sandy soil.
  • Growth Regulator Treatments
    There are growth regulators designed for many plant types, including grasses, trees and shrubs, and flowers. Treatments for trees help control tree and shrub growth so that they can build nutrient resources and defense systems or to reduce the need for pruning and trimming.  Turf growth can be slowed for reduced need for cutting and edging. Flowers and orchard trees benefit from growth regulator treatments to produce more ornamental and compact plants.
  • Insect Control Programs
    We understand the importance of keeping ourselves, our children, our pets and our environment healthy while also managing pests that can be destructive to our property. Our Arborists will diagnose and treat your property to make sure it is protected from unwanted and damaging insects such as mosquitos and ticks and fleas.
  • Disease Control Programs
    We realize that you have made a significant investment in your landscape. When your property is under our care you can rest assured that our experienced staff will diagnose and eliminate diseases on your lawn, plants, trees and shrubs.

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Plant Health Care


We pride ourselves in the ability to deliver exceptional landscapes, provide a high level of customer service and respond to any challenge […]