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Spray Coating to Protect Trees in Winter

Anti-Dessicant spray coating for trees protects trees in winter. 

Don’t forget to give your trees a winter coat this season.

During the winter the ground is frozen and the roots can not get moisture back into the leaves.  That is why experts strongly recommend an anti-dessicant winter protectant spray coating to keep moisture in the plant.  Absorption of water and minerals require evaporation from the leaves.  During the winter, this necessary system can harm your valuable plants.  The sun causes evaporation from the leaves and needles of evergreens (sun-scald follows).  The wind causes transpiration out of the leaves and needles (wind burn).  Cold alternating temperatures cause internal injuries and root damage which shows up during the next season as dead branches or plants (winter-kill).

Let us apply “Winter Overcoat” to protect your Evergreens from drying winter weather.