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Vegetable Gardens

Do you have a green thumb? How about planting a vegetable garden?

There’s nothing like a bite of a just-picked carrot or the sweetness of a juicy tomato. And the taste is even sweeter when it’s one you’ve grown on your own.

If you are considering growing your own and providing food for your family, you need to do some planning before you run out and buy your favorite seeds/plants.

Think about where it will go, and the amount of space you will need. Make sure there will be full sun to make sure you achieve health growth. Check your soil type (have it tested if possible) and make sure the area you prefer drains water well.

Are you starting from seed or plants? When you choose your vegetables make sure you follow the spacing guidelines on the seed packet or plant container. This ensures your plants have room to grow and produce fruit.

It’s important to be water-wise. Water your vegetable garden only when the soil is dry and needs it. Deep, but infrequent watering two or three a week is best if there is no rain. Be careful not to over water, as this may encourage insect and disease problems. As for the soil, choose an organic, slow release vegetable fertilizer for your plants.