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Why are my Boxwoods Brown?

This has been the most common inquiry this season. In 2011 the first cases of Boxwood Blight were confirmed in the Hamptons.  With Boxwoods being a signature plant of the Hamptons this is quite alarming reminiscent of the Privet Prunicola scale of 10 years ago. “So what is wrong with you, Boxwoods?”
Well it could be one of the following problems
Most alarming is:”Boxwood Blight”
Boxwood Blight is a fungal disease that can infect many varieties of boxwoods from those for sale & those already in your landscape. It is an aggressive disease that causes initial brown or black leaf & stem spots followed by a dramatic leaf drop & decline of the Boxwoods. This disease can progress very quickly & should be treated as soon as symptoms are seen.  Infection can lead to a complete loss of the plant. Additional species of plants susceptible to Box Blight is Pachysandra & Sweetbox.  Contact us regarding alternative plant should you need to replace them.


A secondary disease on Boxwood that is very prevalent this season is: “Volutella Blight”
Another significant issue this season is Boxwood decline – this complex problem includes fungal disease caused by Volutella, Macrophoma and Phytophora as well as winter injury.

Symptoms consist of discolored and spindly plants.  Dead or dying branches occur randomly within the plant. Leaves turn tan/yellow and stems show loosening of bark.

Watch for die back and leaf loss particularly on tightly growing varieties.

If you are seeing any of these symptoms Call us TODAY @ 631-204-1970

Don’t Forget Irrigation

As we begin Summer and temperatures are on the rise.  It is important to adjust your sprinkler system to water for a longer period of time, the cool wet spring has predisposed your landscape to possible disease attack as well as leaf scorch.  Lawns and trees have shown a recent outbreak of fungal activity.  Should you see any suspicious areas please call us to investigate.