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Tree Pruning Can Prevent Storm Damage

Are your trees ready for the next storm?  High winds, heavy rain and snow can be devastating for trees especially stressed ones. Good tree pruning can help prevent future storm damage. 

During a storm, tree branches can break or trees can uproot.  Lives can be at risk and property damage can occur.   A Certified Arborist can determine if a tree is a likely danger to people or properties and if there is cause for removal.

Even though you can’t storm proof a tree, you can lessen possible damage by properly caring for them throughout their life.  A Certified Arborist can make sure your trees are properly cared for by maintenance such as tree pruning. Tree pruning should occur throughout the life of a tree to ensure it is healthy and sturdy to weather storms.  

After a storm there are certain types of tree damage that should be assessed. Trees fall at their weakest point and tree trunks can break which most often cannot be repaired.  If for example, the tree has been pushed over by high winds, usually large trees cannot be saved. Tree roots that are diseased, restricted or damaged may cause trees to lean or fall. A certified arborist can carefully examine make a determination on whether to stake the tree or remove.

Tree pruning helps the crown also known as the canopy of the tree where high wind situations cause problems. Regular inspection and corrective tree pruning should occur on trees especially young trees. This will help to minimize injuries and provide a stronger structure to withstand future storms.

A healthy tree is the best defense to any challenge the tree may face in its lifetime. Appropriate watering and fertilization improves root growth and structure, making the tree more stable. Monitor for pest problems and treat when needed to prevent insects and diseases from weakening tree health. Remove diseased branches, as needed, to minimize spread and potential damage.

Contact Mike Sperber, Certified Arborist at Nature’s Guardian to have your trees inspected, cared for and properly maintained.